A Fresh Perspective

Throughout the year, weather permitting and whenever possible,
our normal evening walk is timed to see the sun set
from the CMAL pier in Gott Bay.

The view west from Pier Road, Scarinish

From this vantage point the sunset is often reflected
on the waters of Gott Bay or the wet sand on the shore
and on a rare occasion by the CalMac Ferry, the MV Clansman.

The setting sun over Scarinish

For five consecutive days there was hardly a hint of a sunset.
Then on the Sunday the spell was broken.
We were in for another treat.

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The Harbour Gallery as the sun goes down

Instead of timing the walk to see the sunset at the pier,
we decided to visit the old harbour at Scarinish
and to view the seating sun from there.

Scarinish in Silhouette

With a gentle undulating landscape,
the sunset could temporarily be controlled,
depending on high or low down you were standing.

The Hotel backlit by the setting sun

This fresh perspective was most rewarding.
The Store’s trolley park was suddenly transformed.

The Trolley Park – a window on the setting sun

The water of the old harbour reflected the setting sun.
The hotel and various homes stood out as silhouettes.
Once again all around the sky took on the colour of the sunset.

A second Harbour gallery

By the time we reached the pier at Gott Bay it was the gloamin’.
The sun was well down below the horizon, but it was still so light.
However from now on day light hours will be getting less and less.
It will still be a few weeks until there is any real observable difference.

The sun has set gallery

Post Script.
The following evening (the Monday) I stepped out of a business meeting.
It was 10:45pm and the sunset was from a different perspective.
The view was across Crossapol and the air-field.
And it was breath-taking!

My only regret was having to rely on my phone!
I had decided not to take my camera.
This is ‘Life on Tiree’.