When Words Fail

Do you ever find occasions when words just fail you?
This evening words seemed inadequate to describe the sunset.
Awe, amazement, breathtaking, wonder, pleasure, delight, wow.

Sunset from just outside our home

It had been a warm, sunny day.
It felt like summer had returned for at least one day.
As evening wore on clouds began to drift in masking the sun.
Then around 10:00pm a casual glance out of the window was rewarding.

The sunset was like a powerful magnet

You felt drawn outdoors.
Sunsets are like magnets and this was a powerful one.
The draw was to head down the road towards Gott Bay and the pier.

The Passage of Tiree, the Dutchman’s Cap and Ben More on the Isle of Mull

We know the sun sets in the west.
But the view east was most impressive.
The passage of Tiree and the sky above had turned purple.

An Turas – the journey- providing a window on the sunset

An Turas is a journey into the landscape.
This evening it provided a window into the sunset.
The pier office was equally flooded by the glow of the sunset.

The CalMac Office flooded by the glow of the sunset

Words failed as we walked down the pier.
You felt that you wanted to linger and take it all in.
This was one of Tiree’s very special sunsets and gloamin’.

The view across the pier

In the gallery below double-click for larger pictures.
There are occasions when the camera as well as the words fail.

Looking back up the pier the Pier Office is floodlit.
Its reflection it to be seen in the still waters.
By now it is almost 10:45pm

The Pier Office from the pier

The magnetic pull is strong to stay and stand in awe.
It is getting late we must retrace our steps.
But one last look back.

A look back at the Old Pier and the waters of the bay

Just one more view across the pier.
It is so difficult to leave.

Tear yourself Away!

On the road home even the houses look on fire!
It appears from the windows the rooms are on fire.
But there is no need to call the fire-brigade.


House Fire

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on an evening when words fail.


It is time to say “Good Night”.
“Sleep Well.”

Panoramic View across Gott Bay