Let There Be Sun

‘Let there be sun.’
This is the strap-line of TMF 2017.
Does this evening’s sunset bode well for next weekend?

Salum beach as the sun goes down

The planning is over for this year’s Tiree Music Festival.
The preparation of the island site is well under way.
But the weather is something we cannot organise.
It cannot be brought over on the ferry.

Salum beach as the sun goes down

In cooperation with CalMac, extra ferries have been laid on.
It is a major exercise getting everything and everyone here.
In the last few days equipment has started arriving.
The amended timetable begins on Wednesday.
You can find the TIMETABLE here.

The sun makes a final appearance before dropping below the horizon

The island’s population will treble next weekend.
Yet for the most part Tiree will remain relatively the same.
The ferries will be mobbed but most beaches will be secluded.

Let’s hope it is a delight and not a warning

The forecast is for sunshine on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Beyond that the longer term forecast is more changeable.
Still forecasts are forecasts and can quickly change.
‘Let there be sun!’

Looking South-East at Ruaig

Whatever’s the weather the Church on Tiree extends a warm welcome.
There’s a welcome to the Isle of Tiree and the Music Festival.
There’s a welcome to Sunday’s Service on the site.
It begins at 10:30am with refreshments.
Yes! That early!

The Island’s Wind Turbine in the gloamin’

This is ‘Life on Tiree’
Yes! – Let there be sun.

Looking South over Gott Bay after sunset

Yes! Let there be sun for TMF 2017

The setting sun streaks through the clouds