The Cloud

Clouds are fascinating.
Clouds transform the sky
Clouds can block out the sun or a sunset.
Or clouds can enhance a sunrise and a sunset.

The setting sun over the Steading on the Isle of Tiree

An often heard remark is, “I don’t understand this cloud thing.”
These days the reference is usually a reference to data storage.
The clouds above store water or ice until it is released.
Hopefully it will not be released this weekend!
TMF wants the sun to shine.

View across Gott Bay with the Isle of Rum in the distance

Setting out for our evening walk,
it was obvious that the clouds would hide the sunset.
We would not be able to witness the sun drop below the horizon.
However, the cloud formations to the north were reflecting the setting sun.

The Isle of Rum brought closer through the camera lens

The clouds capping the Isle of Rum set the sky there on fire.
As on the previous evening this was where the real drama was to be found.

A yacht in Got Bay against a cloudy sky

Two or three yachts were moored in Gott Bay.
However, the backdrop lacked the drama of the Rum Cuillin.

Got Bay

With a last look across the bay we headed home.
Perhaps disappointed not to see the sun drop below the horizon.
Nevertheless appreciating the effect of the clouds over the Rum Cuillin.

What a picture – Scarinish Post Office

Lacking artistic skills with brush or pencil the camera had to create the image.
The sun had set and the sky above Scarinish was indeed red and blue.
No masterpiece! But it captures the scene.

Scarinish – another view from the camera

Dark clouds can be threatening.
Yet other clouds can give great pleasure.
If you want to know more about clouds and how they are formed
the Met Office have a helpful Web Page and video.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’
Enjoying the sun and appreciating the clouds.