Township of the Mill

At sunset Balevullin is a magnet for photographers.
It is not often we have the opportunity to be there at sundown.
We made this our destination of choice for our visitors fresh off the ferry.

Balevullin beach – a magnet for surfer’s

In the right conditions Balevullin affords views of the Outer Hebrides.
With clear skies there was a clear view to these outer isles.
It was almost, but not quite, a cloudless sky.

A sea bird surfing the thermals and reflecting the colour of the setting sun

For most of the day the clouds skirted Tiree.
From Tiree you could see the clouds building up over Mull.
In fact our visitors said that the ferry had left Oban in the rain.

Ancient and modern side by side – reflecting the setting sun

Balevullin is also a magnet for surfers.
It appears to a favourite beach for water sports.
However swimmers have to take great care due to rip currents.

Looking towards the Western Isles

Balevullin lies on the north side of the West end of the island
Balevullin (Bail’ a’ Mhuilinn) is the township of the Mill.
For the name to survive it is likely to be significant.
The fact is Tiree had several mills.

A few more clouds at the right level would have added interest.
Clouds can both hinder and help make a sunset.
Nevertheless thankful for a great day.
Thankful for good eyes to see.
And senses to appreciate!

The sunset from Balevullin

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Long may this pleasant warm weather continue.
They are certainly hoping so at the Tiree Music Festival

The Outer Islands