New Look

Gott Bay is the point of arrival and departure of most people.
This is true for residents and visitors alike.
It is the location of the island’s pier.
And the bay has a new look.

Sunset over Gott Bay

Gott Bay has the Isle of Tiree’s largest beach, An Tràigh Mhòr.
It is often frequented by kite and sail board surfers.
Occasionally sand yachts can be seen sailing across the beach.
However, it is the addition of ten moorings that gives the new look.

The silhouette of a seabird on a plinth in the bay

Unlike pontoons the moorings are unobtrusive.
In fact you might be excused for not noticing them.
The moorings points are just like bright yellow life buoys.

Silhouettes in the setting sun

Last evening as the sun set there were six vessels moored.
They were a mixture of yachts and small cabin cruisers.
It was their silhouettes that gave the new look.

Magnificent Gott Bay

The Bay looks out on the Passage of Tiree.
Across its waters is the island known as the Dutchman’s Cap.
And behind the Dutchman’s Cap is Ben More on the Isle of Mull.

To think the light is on a dimmer at this time of year

Looking north across the bay is the outline of the Rum Cuillin.
From the Bay can be se seen Tiree’s three ‘Big Bens’.
They are Hynish, Hough and Ceann a’ Bharra

The fresh new look in Gott Bay

The ferry can look most impressive set against Ben More.
The colourful kites stand out on the bay’s azure blue waters.
There are times when the water is turned crimson by the setting sun.
But last evening the fresh new look was of the silhouettes in the bay.

Goodnight from Gott Bay

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on a remarkably calm evening.
The waters of the bay were mirror-like.