The Glasgow Fair Factor

Tiree Music Festival describes itself as more than a music festival.
TMF is said to be ‘a true island adventure’.
What other festival has such a location?

Baugh Beach (on the Monday most TMF visitors were leaving)

Think picture-perfect white sands and world-famous surf.
Think roads lined with lush greenery and wild flowers.
Think sunshine!

Gunna Sound appreciated by young and not so young

You can understand the longings of the Festival organisers.
The previous two years had been very challenging.
Two years ago they had to cope with high winds.
On the Friday the campsite.had to be evacuated.
One year ago they had to cope with the rain.
The outdoor stage had to be abandoned.
No wonder the slogan for 2017.
‘Let There Be Sun’.

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And there was sun!
Before the festival there was warm sunshine.
After the festival the warm sunshine returned to the island.
And thankfully, there was some sunshine during the weekend.

However, Tiree did not live up to its reputation.
It lays claim to being one of the sunniest places in the UK.
On and off stage the weather appeared to be the recurring theme.

Daniel Gillespie of Skeyyvore

The festival takes place annually during the Glasgow Fair Fortnight.
Therefore the weather will continue to be a prominent feature.
Weather-lore comes with a proven track history.
Don’t holiday at the the Glasgow Fair.

Band members of Skerryvore

We have lived on Tiree now for almost four years.
Each year we have considered attending the festival.
This year we actually made it and became festival-goers.
With one great advantage we could return home to our own bed.

Skerryvore – the festival climax

It was great to be able to listen to various bands live.
There is an atmosphere that cannot be canned.
There is a crowd dynamic.

Cornaig Ceillidh Band

We choose to listen to bands with island connections.
Gunna Sound, Skerryvore and Skipinnish
Trail West, Cornaig Ceillidh Band,
The defenders and Dun Mor.

Saturday’s sun sets over the festival campsite

At the invitation of TMF,
The church on Tiree meets on site on Sunday Morning.

On Monday morning the exodus began in earnest.
The MV Isle of Mull swopped duties with the MV Clansman.
So the bulk of the festival goers managed to get away on the first sailing.
And as the ferry headed out into the Passage of Tiree the sun broke through.


This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

The return of the sun