Just Ruminating

It’s all over for another year.
I can get back to just simply grazing.
Life can take on a sense of normality once more.

In sight and sound of the Festival

Life is thankfully proving a little quieter.
None of that heavy base beat every evening.
It’ll be me and the other girls enjoying the delights of the machair.

Do you like the horns?

TMF 2017 is history now.
The festival site at Crossapol is more or less cleared.
The Big Top is down and it went off on the ferry this morning.
And the festival goers from the Mainland and other islands have gone home.

One of the other girls just ruminating

Mark you the roads are still fairly busy.
But then I guess it is what they call peak holiday time.
It has been all right today for those who come here for sun and surf.
However, for me and the other girls it was getting a little hot at over 20 degrees.

One Up – One Down

Oh! I guess I’ll still have to show off my best side.
They come out of that cafe on the other side of the road.
They point them mobile phones and cameras in my direction.
But then I guess they know just how famous me and the other girls are.
I am sure that we must be the most photographed highlanders on Tiree.

My Business Card

Really! I don’t mind all the attention.
However, I don’t let it go to my horns.
I just appreciate my amazing surroundings.
What other Highlanders can dance to the beat?
What other Highlanders can admire the sand and surf?

Just in case you think it’s all about me here are flowers.
They are in the garden next to that cafe.
And here’s a real friend.
Lovely colour and temperament.
But honestly my pal just hasn’t the hair style.

A real pal

A real highlander enjoying life on Tiree.
Just one more for the album.

What a place to sit and ruminate – and without the beat today