Goodnight from the beautiful Isle of Tiree.
It is the end of another warm July day.
All is calm.

Sunset over Deobedal, Scarinish

It is Thursday evening and there is hardly a breath of wind.
Washing still out on the lines must surely be dry..
The wind sock on the pier hangs limp.

Through the fonds of the palm tree the sun sets

Although it is warm and still – there are no midges.
It makes it a joy to walk the length of the pier.
The waters of Gott Bay are calm.

A gull stands on a concrete plinth

Once against is good to see the new moorings being used.
The crew will be gently rocked to sleep tonight.
Sweet dreams!

The moorings in Gott Bay

The sun has set but the sky is still magical.
The view across the Machair makes you pause.

The view across the Machair

Goodnight from Tiree.
You may understand why we sleep well here.

Goodnight and sweet dreams