Good Morning Tiree

It’s Show Day on Tiree.
Historically the show has enjoyed sunny weather.
What will the weather have in store today for the show?

First light over the Isle of Tiree

With the Friday morning ferry to catch we wake up early.
We have still the final packing to complete.
But we don’t need to be up this early.
It is only 4:45am!


The light streaming in indicates it is first light.
Sunrise on Tiree will be at 5:08am.
Already the sky is so colourful.
Oh! Let’s watch the sunrise.

It’s no distance to the Memorial in Pier Road.
From there we can observe the sun rise over Mull.
The view across the Passage of Tiree does not disappoint.


At this time in the morning everything is so quiet.
However, already, a hint that a change is in the air.
Last night it was so calm, but the wind is slowly rising.

Ben More on the Isle of Mull

Most of our neighbours must still be tucked up in bed.
The sheep are quietly enjoying their breakfast.
A gull is perched on top of the memorial.
Its face is to the rising sun.

Rum basking in the sunrise

Mission accomplished it is time to return to bed.
Perhaps we can get another 90 minutes sleep.
All too soon the alarm sounds.
Rise and shower.

A glorious sunrise

 The cases are packed.
It is time to walk down to the pier.
The clouds are beginning to close in.
What will conditions be like for this year’s show?

Sit a While

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Sorry to be missing the show.
Happy to be meeting with the family.

“Good Morning Tiree!”