The Journey

The journey is from our house to the pier.
On foot it only takes just over five minutes.
On the way you pass ‘An Turas’ – a journey into the landscape.
This evening the journey was into a landscape coloured by the setting sun.

The memorial in Pier Road

In Pier Road the Memorial had taken on the colour of the setting sun.
Across the road the sun was sinking behind the Manse.
After a day of sunshine it was another Tiree special.

The Manse and Glebe House

Wherever you look the clouds enhance the sunset.
This was especially so when you looked the length of ‘An Turas’.
This evening ‘An Turas’ was a journey into a transformed landscape.

An Turas – The Journey

What do you see?
Look the length of ‘An Turas’.
Here the blue of the sea, meets the green grass.
And the green grass meets a dramatic and colourful sky.

Palm View

Cross the road and it is Palm View.
It is not the name of the house, simply the view.
This is Tiree where trees are in short supply, but where palms grow.

The sunset through the windows of the Ferry Terminal.

Looking across the marshalling lanes the sun is setting fast.
The CalMac Office provides a window on the sunset.
Very soon the sun will drop below the horizon.

The view towards Gott and Balephetrish

A walk down the pier is a must.
Looking south the clouds are turning red.
The red is being reflected in the waters of the bay.
(It is normally the other side of the pier that turns red.)

The clouds reflect the setting sun and the water turns red

Looking up the moon has made an appearance.
It darts in and out of the colourful clouds.
What an evening!

Look west.
Both sky and sea are a picture.
The work of our Almighty Creator God.
In such a setting there is a sense of deep awe.

Look west

Once again there is a gull perched on an old concrete plinth.
Most evenings a gull rests there and watches the sunset.
Can it be the same gull each evening?

A gull admiring the view

A red halo surrounds the Lodge Hotel.
The hotel has a panoramic view of Gott Bay.
In the right conditions there is a view across to the Isle of Mull.

The Lodge Hotel looks out onto Gott Bay

Sitting in the waters of the bay is the fishing vessel Venus II.
It too takes on something of the colour of the sunset.
This evening it rests in calm waters.

The fishing vessel – Venus II

It may be just a journey of five minutes but it can take much longer.
On an evening such as this you want to linger and admire.
The view before your eyes is metamorphosing.

This is “Life on Tiree’.
It is an evening when so many will be seeking to capture the scene.