Awesome can be an over used word.
It was a word that I heard often this evening.
This week there is a Holiday Club at the Baptist Church.
Each evening the Encounter Group for the older children is meeting.
As you can imagine it is great fun, action packed and simply ‘awesome’.

The setting sun from the Baptist Church premises at Baugh

When we left the building at Baugh we reached for our phones.
I had decided against taking the camera with me.
‘There wouldn’t be much of a sunset.’
How wrong can you be!?

One distinctive feature the different cloud patterns – Dr Buchanan’s Monument, Baugh

Just over the brow of the hill the sun was setting.
We all remarked on the unusual cloud patterns.
If only I had brought my camera with me.
I must make do with my phone camera.

Island House and loch

Before returning to Scaranish we had to drive to Balemartine.
It was interesting just how often the car came to a halt.
So we made our way across the island.

Looking out over the Passage of Tiree from Soroby

No matter which direction you looked the sky was red.
Even to the east the sea reflected.the clouds.
Lochans and wet roads were mirrors too.

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Having dropped our passenger we set out for home.
Somehow the car found itself on the Balinoe Road.
At Heylipol the car continued on to Moss.
By Balemartine the colour was muted.

On the Balinoe Road going towards Heylipol Church

We could make out the Western Isles.
The sky was still light but the drama was over.
The car seemed to know no more stops were required.

The sunset background to Moss

Asked for one word to describe the sky,
Mrs life on Tiree replied, ‘Awesome!’
It certainly was – Awesome.

The sun has set behind Ben Hough – photograph from Moss

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

A panoramic view from the Balinoe Road