Adventure Island

Our adventure started when we left London.
We had great fun with Uncle Gordon and Aunty Jodie in Chester.
Then after a long journey we met Uncle Andrew, Granny and Pop-Pop in Oban.

I took this picture of my Pop-Pop eating a ginormous ice cream with my own camera.

Daddy, Pop-Pop and I climbed for a long way up to McCaig’s Tower.
(Pop-Pop told a little bit about this story in what he calls his blog)
On the way down we saw someone with their feet sticking out of the ground.

I took this picture on my own camera – I am only 4 – but almost 5!

The big adventure started when we got the ferry from Oban to Tiree.
I sometimes go on buses and trains where I live in London.
This was the first time my sister had been on a ferry.
I was just one when I first went on a ferry.
Pop-Pop says the Clansman is the best ferry.
On Wednesday we saw the Clansman in the Gunna Sound.

Pop-Pop took this picture for my album – it is the ferry in the Gunna Sound

We have been to the adventure park in Crossapol and went on the zip-wire.
On Thursday we went to see a ruin but the best bit was the secret passage.
Daddy climbed up high and made a bridge over the secret passage
(Daddy is reading a ‘Famous Five’ story to me.)

Daddy making a bridge at the Secret Passage. I cannot tell you where it is – it’s a secret.

We have had lots of adventures – we found a pirate ship in Scarinish.
Our biggest adventure was this afternoon when we went a long way.
It began at the Farmhouse Cafe – they have a Kids’ Menu.
My sister was excited she saw a Highland Cow.
And we saw hens and a cat.

Pop-Pop says double click to see big Cows!
One is scratching itself.

Here are the hen pictures I asked Pop-Pop to take for my album.

We went right to the end of the island to see seals.
We had to cross over big stones (pebbles) to get close to them.
There were lots and lots of seals on the rocks and in the water.
With our wellies on we went into what daddy called the Atlantic Ocean.
(We managed not get the Ocean into our boots!)

A picture of the Ocean

Here are some of the seals we saw today.

We saw jelly fish too!

When we climbed up from the Secret Beach we saw some sheep,
One had really big curly horns that looked like glasses.

What big horns you have got.

We saw my Uncle Andrew’s favourite beach called Balephuil.
We saw the Golf-Ball. I didn’t understand that name.
I asked where the sticks were?

Pop-Pop says we will have another adventure tomorrow.
He says we are going to the beach and to Happy Valley.
My sister and I like laughing.

Pop-Pop let me use his binoculars

Thanks Granny for letting me tell of my adventure.