So Quiet

On the Isle of Tiree it can be so quiet that you notice noise.
You are aware of a tractor working in a nearby field.
You are aware of someone cutting their grass.
You look up when you hear the daily flights.
Otherwise is it an ambulance plane?

Hynish the starting point for our walk to Happy Valley

If you live in a city there is almost constant noise.
In the countryside there can be continual background noise.
Motorways, railway lines and flight paths are notorious for noise.

The was view on our way. – Looking across a yellow clad field towards the Golf Ball on Ben Hynish

Wind and waves probably generate the most noise on the island.
The wind as it causes the railings on the pier to play a tune.
The wind as it whistles through any cracks or crannies.
The waves as they break on rocks and beaches.
We talk about the great ‘Atlantic Roar’.

Flowers add to the sense of tranquility – double click for larger pictures

But I am thinking of another stillness.
Our daughter, son-in-law and the grandchildren have just left.
How we miss the excited shrieks, laughter and tears of the children.

In Happy Valley – Relaxing Ruminating (mouse-over for captions).

There was the excitement of exploring Happy Valley.
There was the discovery of arches and boulders.
The noise of walking on the crunchy pebbles.
The sound of the waves at Balevullin.
The fun of water pistol fights.
All accompanied by noise.
Happy noise.

Arches, Pebbles and Rock Formations

On the pier there was the excitement of the ferry arriving.
There were loud cries from the outside deck area.
“Goodbye Granny! Goodbye Pop-pop!”
And then there was quiet.

Balevullin Beach – An exciting children’s playground

Walking back up the length of the pier it felt so quiet.
In the house and the garden it was so quiet.
The following morning it was so quiet.
Tiree felt so quiet.

The ferry slips away carrying our family members

They return to the hustle and bustle of city life.
Where background noise is a daily reality.
Where trains screech round tight curves.
When flights are every two minutes.
Where sirens appear a constant.

Sunday’s restive Sunset

It feels so quiet!
Oh! You miss the noisy excitement of the grandchildren.
You miss the shrieks of laughter and the cries of disappointment.
Yet you love the quietness of island life and its own brand of noise.

Monday’s Peaceful Afterglow 

It is the sound of ‘Life on Tiree’.

In the Bible God says,
“‘Be still, and know that I am God.”

Around Happy Valley

Wednesday’s Weather Warning
Strong Winds gusting to 44mph.
Afternoon warning of thunderstorms!
Sounds like it could be a bit on the noisy side.