The Sale

Sheep are an important part of life on Tiree.
We just have to look out of our windows to see sheep.
When walking, cycling or driving you need to be aware of them.
On occasions they occupy the road and are reluctant to move out of the way.

The start of sale traffic arriving on the island.

Lambing is a demanding, sleep denying, time of year for our crofters.
It is certainly not the time of year for the vet to have her holiday.
We have a great respect for our hard working crofters and vet.

It’s sale day and the ferry is busy with sale traffic

What pleasure lambs give.
It can be seeing your first lamb of the year.
This year we arrived just after the birth of twins.
Or it can be watching them skipping across the fresh Machair.

Sold Lambs awaiting loading

This week the sheep and their lambs have been noisy.
The crofters have been rounding them up.
The reason is today’s sale:
‘5,000 crossbred lambs’.

The Auction Ring

Tiree has its own purpose built Rural Centre.
Built into it is an auction ring for the sales.
It also doubles up as a cinema, etc.

Black Face Lambs in the Ring

Friday’s ferry saw the arrival of the first of many cattle trucks.
Today’s inbound ferry was especially busy with commercial vehicles.
In addition to the usual commercial traffic there were livestock trailers.
Outbound the ferry was busy with holiday makers returning to the Mainland.


The Mart has proved a popular television documentary series.
We have lived on Tiree for a few days short of four years.
Yet, we have never been to a sale at Tiree’s mart.
Today we paid a brief exciting visit.

It’s hungry work

The auctioneer is Donald Morrison FIA (Scot).
Donald is the Regional MD/Auctioneer for the West of Scotland.
It was interesting learning how the sheep have an electronic passport.
Every movement of the sheep from farm to the ring and then onwards is tracked.

Yet more sheep arriving at the Rural centre from across the island

In the peak summer months there are two Saturday sailings of the ferry.
This evening’ sailing will accommodate most of the sale traffic.
Bah! Bah! It promises to be a noisy crossing.
Nothing to do with a school trip!

Catch the flavour of the occasion on this brief video.

This is Life on Tiree on Sale Day.