Another Milestone

Thursday 22nd August 2013
“On the Thursday morning (August 22nd) we sail at 8.15,
although we have to be at the terminal at least 45 minutes earlier.
The ferry is timetabled to arrive at Tiree at 12 noon.
Then begins the task of unloading the van
and the process of settling into our new home.”

Our Removal Van waiting in the marshalling lanes in Oban prior to boarding

Much water has flowed round the island since that date.
We have experienced four winters and the storms.
The Isle of Tiree is our home on earth now.

Welcome to Tiree

It all began with a day trip to Tiree in August 2011,
followed by a week’s holiday in August 2012
and then the need to find a house
as a consequence of one of life’s many milestones.

One of Tiree’s Award Winning Highland Cows at Balemartine

‘After forty years living in England, including
six years in Cambridgeshire,
twenty-four years in Oxfordshire,
and ten years in Somerset,
we returned to the land of our birth, Scotland.
From Wiveliscombe in Somerset,
we moved to the Isle of Tiree,
the most westerly of the Inner Hebrides.’

Sometimes we have taken the plane to/from Glasgow.

Tuesday 22nd August 2017
Another milestone along the way.
And we are more than ever convinced
this was part of God’s good plan for our lives.
Living here is very different from anywhere else that we have ever lived.

We do love to be beside the sea

We were used to small communities
but cities and towns were nearby,
and were easily accessed by car, bus or train.
On Tiree you have to plan visits by boat or plane,
before ever boarding a bus or train.
Travel usually involves overnight accommodation
and seeking to find the best deals in Oban or Glasgow.

The ferry is our usual means of transport – but it can be stormy!

Four years on we have settled in well to our home
and appreciate living in an island community
but know we have still much to learn.

February Storm

We enjoy the real sense of being part of the community,
including involvement in different aspects of island life
whether it be voluntary organisation,
social activities or church family.

We enjoy involvement in community events

And what a bonus!
Living little more than 150 metres from the sea,
on an island surrounded by the great Atlantic Ocean,
and walking on white-shell sandy beaches
washed by azure blue waters.

Sunsets a real feature of life on Tiree

Ursula and Alan appreciating ‘Life on Tiree’.

A rare event – snow on the Isle of Tiree