Weather Window

The daylight hours of Wednesday 23rd August proved to be a weather window.
Overnight on Tuesday/ Wednesday there was thunder and lightening.
The rain had to be seen and heard to be believed.
“It was like living under a waterfall.”

Wednesday’s Outlook on Balephetrish Bay

The BBC Reported:
Tiree in the Inner Hebrides,
often one of the sunniest places in the UK,
has also had its wettest August day since records began in 1927.
The Met Office had earlier warned of heavy rain overnight
and into Wednesday morning.

Looking across a newly formed lochen off Pier Road

The Weather report for Strathclyde for Wednesday is interesting:
Highest rainfall Tiree 40.6 mm
Sunniest Tiree 8.0 hours

Looking across a newly formed lochen off Pier Road

It now feels like Autumn.
The hours of daylight are noticeably shorter.
The new school term has begun after the Summer holidays.
This Saturday sees the last of the two Saturday sailings of the ferry.
And some days this past week have felt more like the month of November.

The view across to Glebe house from the Pier Office

After the overnight downfall,
Summer returned briefly on Wednesday.
The sky was blue and the sea was transformed.
The view across Balephetrish Bay was a real tonic.

The view across Gott Bay

As sunset approached there was the sense of more rain coming in.
Nevertheless there was some colour to the western sky.
There was still a reminder of the overnight rainfall.
There were pools of water lying in the the fields.

The sun has set

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Thankful for both sunshine and rain.