Hot And Humid

This morning.
‘Hot and humid, sticky and sultry.’
These are not words often associated with Tiree.
As if to prove it the weather sock is hanging limp at the pier.
The air is still, the sea is calm and the sun has not yet broken through.
This was life on Tiree as we walked by the old harbour and the pier in Scarinish.

Hot and humid down at the old harbour, Scarinish

This afternoon.
To the north are dark clouds but to the south the sky is blue.
After wild Wednesday it is hard to believe how calm it is.
We have the patio door and windows open.
It is so peaceful.

Scarinish morning and afternoon

This morning we were limited to walking around Scarinish.
This afternoon we appreciated being around Baugh.
From there we had a fresh outlook on the Isle.
We looked across the bay to Hynish.

MV Clansman Saturday morning sailing.
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We are coming to the end of the high season for holiday-makers.
In the peaks months there are 2 sailings of the ferry on a Saturday.
This evening was the last of the the 2 Saturday crossings from/to Oban.
Although the MV Clansman sailed towards lighter skies it was dull overhead.

Panoramic view across Gott Bay – Black and Blue

When the vehicles roll off the ferry you wonder where they all go.
It doesn’t take long for them to be dispersed across the island.
Even now our single track roads appear much quieter.
And there are not so many visitors in the Co-Op.

View from Baugh

When out and about there are still many wild flowers.
Yet the course grass of the sliabh is on the turn.
It is taking on its brown autumn coat.
Daylight hours are fast drawing in.
Autumn is almost upon us.

We are ever thankful that God has called us to live on Tiree.
We appreciate the stunning scenery that surrounds us.
We enjoy showing our visitors its treasures.
We love simply being out and about.
We value the sense of community.

So we record the last of the 2 Saturday sailings of 2017.
For Calmac High Summer is now over.
We are now in mid-season

The MV Clansman heads out to sea on the last of the High Season sailings.

This is life on Tiree
when Summer begins to give way to Autumn.