Colourful Crossapol

Beautiful Baugh. Colourful Crossapol.
Take your pick for both names are appropriate.
Baugh Beach is often referred to as Crossapol Beach.

Baugh Beach

This afternoon we had a difficult decision to make.
‘What beach were we going to walk along?’
On Tiree you are spoilt for choice.

A good example of the action at Colourful Crossapol

We walked the length of the beach.
The action was out in the waters of the bay.
Enjoying the wind and the waves were kites, sails and body boards.

Colourful Crossapol.
The sails and kites were so colourful.
They complimented the blue sky and the azure blue waters.

Look to the sky

It was a real pleasure watching the kites weave their colourful patterns.
On and above the water were the kite handlers.
What skill!

Suspended! – “Where’s my Kite?”

What fun trying to anticipate the next jump.
More difficult having the camera on the ready.
How do you get kite, the jump and the sea in the shot?

Walking from Crossapol towards Baugh the sky was so blue.
When we turned round clouds were sweeping in from the west.
Instead of blue sky and azure blue water the sea and sand were like silver.

Silvery Surf

Sanderlings were performing their dance on the silvery sand.
In the shallow pools left behind by the retreating tide they had their double.

How different the scene before our eyes!

As we left the beach only the body boarders remained.
The kites and the sails had taken their leave.

All that remained

A last look back was a colourful reminder of Baugh Beach.
No wonder this seat is so strategically sited.
While others surf some simply sit.

A seat with a view that takes in the length of the beach

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.