Calm as a Millpond

It’s the first day of September.
And what a start it is to the month.
The air is still and the sea is flat calm.

The calm waters of the Passage of Tiree

The view across the Passage of Tiree is clear.
Tweet-Five miles across the millpond is the Isle of Mull.
Half way across is the distinctive shape of Bac Mòr – the Dutchman’s Cap.

The MV Clansman enters Gott Bay

The sky above is cloudy.
Yet it is the clouds that enhance the scene.
The same clouds are reflected in the calm waters of the bay.

The MV Clansman framed by the linkspan and associated dolphins

There is hardly a breath of wind.
It feels warm and definitely humid.
Consequently the pier’s weather sock hangs limp.
Tiree is not plagued by ‘midges’ but they were biting this morning.

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It being a Summer Friday the ferry arrives earlier.
It leaves the Mainland port of Oban at 6:15am.
Sailing direct to Tiree it arrives at 9:35am.
Its arrival was spot on.

It almost feels surreal.
The air is still and the water so calm.
Unusually the ferry hardly disturbs the water.
If this is September weather long let it continue.

The colours enhanced by the sun breaking through the clouds

It does not take long for the vehicles to roll off and on to the island.
It is a different matter loading the vehicles on to the ferry.
It takes longer to maximise the use of the car deck.
On board are still vehicles for the Isle of Coll.

The ferry secured and ready for sailing a member of the pier staff waits to release the bow ropes

The foot passengers are long since on board.
It being a warm morning many passengers are out on deck.
Finally the vessel is secured and made ready to head out to sea.
The ropes (stern, midship and bow) are cast and the ferry departs the pier.

The water under and around the pier is disturbed by the Clansman’s powerful propellers.

What a morning for a sail.
The sea is so calm marine life will no doubt be seen.
This is particularly so out in the waters of the Passage of Tiree.

Coll and Oban bound

Wait a moment!
What is this close to the pier?
The head disappears below the surface.
Then through the clear waters I spot it once again.

This is Life on Tiree.

The Passage of Tiree