Gott A Walk!

“Gott: A Walk! Gott: A Walk!
Gotta Walk! Gotta Walk!
Gotta Walk!”

Magnificent Gott Bay in May 2017

We had a stormy Sunday.
We woke up to a wet Monday.
However, we enjoyed a sunny Monday afternoon.
Just as forecast the sky turned bright blue at 12:30.
You could actually see the weather front move through.

Historic Kirkapol Chapels

No wonder we felt that we had ‘Gotta Walk’.
Excuse the atrocious murdering of the English Language.
But with the weather transformation we needed to get out.
And the perfect place for our afternoon walk was along Gott Bay.

Pilgrimage Route marker close to the dig at Kirkapol

Before we had even started walking we called in at Lodge Farm, Kirkapol.
There is an archeological dig taking place at Cnoc an Fhuamhaire.
It is led by archaeologists Dr Heather James and Dr Colleen Batey.

Cnoc an Fhuamhaire is ‘the hillock of the giant’
Is this a giant’s grave or is it something even more significant?
Some Archaeologists think that this might be a Viking boat grave.
Rare in Scotland, if proven to be true, it would be a significant find.

The dig under way

Leaving the dig we set out on our walk.
We took to the sands of Gott Bay.
We headed towards Ruaig.

In the bay kites and sails were in evidence.
The speed of both is most impressive indeed.
The kites and sails add colour to an already colourful scene.


With the morning flight cancelled the larger Saab handles the evening flight

Soa is a tidal island in Gott Bay.
It was towards high tide and thus an island.
One of the kites sped across these tidal waters.

We passed in front of Soa
We could see the cairn on the island.
We turned onto the beach of Traigh Crionaig
There we could see the summer mooring of Port Sgibinis

Port Sgibinis

At Traigh Crionaig there is new build with panoramic views.
A few months back it came off the ferry as a jigsaw.
How it has come on.

The new build with panoramic windows

We left the beach and took to the road.
At Tor a Bhaile we headed down a short track.
The short track led us towards the houses at Brock.

At Brock we dropped down onto the beach once again.
Back on the sands of Gott Bay we headed for our car.

Stepping down on the beach at Brock

This afternoon we saw not only kites and sails.
Overhead the afternoon flight made its approach.
Close to the water’s edge birds fed and took to the air.

Back at home we appreciated our view of the sunset.
We are thankful for our west facing window.
In the morning it was lashed by rain.
In the afternoon it drew us out.
Tonight it was a picture.

The sun setting behind Ben Gott.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

The sun has set behind Ben Gott

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