I Am Miscellany

I am Miscellany.
I am a right mixed bag,
I am an assortment of unrelated articles.
My origin lies in the latin word miscere which means to mix.

Baugh Beach looking towards Crossapol and Balemartine

This past week the weather itself has been mixed.
We have had sunshine, showers and heavy downpours.
On Monday and Tuesday Tiree was officially the sunniest place in the UK.

Mixed weather led to dramatic skies.
On occasions the sky has been jet black.
On other occasions the sky has been so blue.
On yet other occasions sky and sea have been silver.

Liquid Silver

Visiting Scarinish Old Harbour is part of our daily routine.
Yet is an ever changing scene before our eyes.
High and low, boats coming and going.
Time of day and the sky above.
All alter the setting.

Scarinish Old Harbour

With a full moon on Wednesday there has been a wide  tidal range.
With calm waters there has been no over-topping.
Nevertheless the sea has been high.

On Wednesday clouds hid the full moon.
On Monday and Tuesday the night sky was impressive.
It was as if the moon and the clouds were playing hide and seek.
And at times there was a ribbon of moonlight across the Passage of Tiree.

Close to the Old Harbour is the BT Tower.
In recent days work has been going on there.
Mobile phone aerials have been installed on the tower.
At the base related cabinets have been installed and fitted out.
Across the island at Garaphail a mobile phone mast has been erected.

As previously reported
there is an  archaeological dig taking place at
‘Cnoc an Fhuamhaire’ –  ‘The Hillock of the Giant’ – Kirkapol.

Pilgrimage Route marker close to the dig at Kirkapol

This weekend is the Tiree Ultra-Marathon.
Those taking part will be running 35 miles around the island.
Such is the the status of the race that it has been fully booked for months.
Extra flights have been laid on and the ferry is full booked.
The question is what will the weather be like?
A mixed bag?

Ahead of them lies 35 gruelling miles through an island landscape.
Friendly marshals serve to point the way and encourage.
Refreshment stations are provided for refuelling.
They will encounter sand, machair and bog.
They will race on some road sections.
They will be exhausted.

They are off! (2016)

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.