They Came

They Came. They Ran. They had a Ceilidh.
They came by land, sea and sky.
They came to Tiree.

The MV Clansman arriving on the Saturday morning carrying runners and their supporters

The Tiree Ultra-Marathon is organised by Will Wright of Tiree Fitness.
He is assisted by his wife Becky of Tiree’s Chocolates and Charms.
He has an amazing Support Team from the island and beyond.

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They came by land to register and take part in the race.
They came by land because they live on Tiree.
Some have ran several times before.

One runner who had no need to come by sea or plane

They came by sea on board the ferry from Oban.
Some arrived early in the week before the race.
Others arrived on the day before the event.

Such is the popularity of the ultra-marathon that is fully booked weeks in advance.
This year for the first time Loganair provided an extra flight for the event.
On Saturday and Monday we had three flights instead of two.

The tiny Loganair ‘twin otter’ plane takes off from Glasgow International Airport.
The  ‘International’ is important for runners come from many different countries.
Thankfully the plane landed at Tiree’s Airport in bright sunshine.

The race takes place on the Sunday.
This year it was Sunday the 10th of September.
But before the start there is registration and the important briefing.

Registration of the 200 plus runners is followed by the race briefing.
It is vital that runners  listen carefully for this is no mere road race.
They will meet cattle and sheep so no dogs are allowed.

Sorry! No dogs on the race.

It is vital that all taking part know the route.
There are arrows to guide along the way.
However there is an element of navigation.

Know where you are running

Runners keep coming back but this year the route is slightly different.
Will is a good communicator and the runners give him their rapt attention.
Will is a long distance runner himself and knows the importance of encouragement.

Tomorrow’s race could be even more challenging.
It includes a hill – but there is also the weather.
Wind! Wet! And Sunshine!

See you tomorrow – 8 o’clock at the start line.

It is green for go.
The ultra starts at 8:00am.
The start line is on Soroby Beach.

What a beautiful sunset to end the day.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’