They had a Ceilidh

They Came. They Ran. They had a Ceilidh.
Imagine energetic dancing after running 35 gruelling miles.
That’s what many of the 200 participants of the Ultra Marathon did in the evening.

They danced

Music for the evening was provided by Tiree’s ‘Cornaig Ceilidh Band’.
It is led by the award winning tutor Gordon Connell.
And get the runners on to their feet he did.

A vital part of the evening is the Awards Ceremony.
Every runner who completes the race receives a medal.
At the Ceilidh there is the Podium for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd over the finish line.
There are also several spot prizes – some serious and some with a touch of humour.

The Podium

The awards are personally crafted by by Frances Woodhead of Tiree Glass.
Will called for a well deserved round of applause for Frances.
Willing hands came together heartily.

The Awards Table

The unique awards crafted by Frances Woodhead.

A hearty round of applause

Will thanked the support team and the islanders.
Again there was hearty applause.

Then the award winners stepped up to the Podium.

This was followed by the various spot prizes.

Gordon Connell thanked Will Wright for organising the whole event.
What hard work both Will and Becky put into the Ultra Marathon.
Yes! A Big Thank you!

Will Wright of Tiree Fitness

Let’s have a Ceilidh.
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