They Ran!

They Came. They Ran. They had a Ceilidh.
“It was beautiful! It was brutal! It was Brutiful!”
This was one response to this year’s Tiree Ultra-Marathon.

Participants gathering on Soroby beach just before 8:00am

The Tiree Ultra-Marathon is 35 miles long with a great reputation.
What other Ultra-Marathon is run right round an island?
It is not just any island! – It is the beautiful Isle of Tiree!

Saturday evening’s sunset

Saturday had been a day of sunshine and scattered showers.
Daylight hours concluded with a heart warming sunset.
But! The weather forecast was threatening.
‘Rain driven by gusts of 40mph.’

The rain is driving down but this runner still has a great smile

The start line was on Soroby Beach.
The wind and rain was direct in the face of the runners.
(Even with two rain coats on we were soaked right through!)

Most of the runners are running the full 35 miles.
Some are  running as part of a relay.
The relay teams are in 2s or 4s.

What conditions!

Beaches. Machair. Bog. Road. Hill.
They would encounter all conditions as they ran.
Add to that mix squally rain driven by gusts of  40mph.
Bathed at times by bright sunshine only to be soaked once again.
(One runner exclaimed it was the best Ultra yet – better than last years.)

One of the front runners at Scarinish – with only a few miles to go.

The route is well sign-posted.
There are also race marshals strategically positioned.
A vital part of their role is to give encouragement to those running.
There are also three refreshment stations provided along the route of the race.

A view of the refreshment station at Milton – taken from Dun More

Now enjoy a selection of photographs from the Ultra-Marathon.
There are one of two at Scarinish and Gott Bay.
Most are at Milton or Dun More.

Double-click to view larger photographs.

Congratulations to everyone who took part.
As Will has said, “You are all winners!”
Well Done.


This is Life on Tiree