It’s Goodnight

It’s Goodnight from Life on Tiree.
It is a good night – a very pleasant evening.
This morning’s rain passed over and the sun came out.
This afternoon’s breeze dropped and the wind sock hangs limp.

Looking out – two hares appear on the horizon

A casual glance out of our south facing window reveals two hares.
They are sitting erect on the horizon, their ears raised.
They appear to be waiting for the sunset.

The evening sky over Ben Gott shortly before sunset

How can we stay in on such a pleasant evening?
A brief walk takes us to the monument in Pier Road.
From there we look out over the Passage of Tiree to the Isle of Mull.

Ben More on the Isle of Mull from Tiree

Watching clearly are some inquisitive sheep.
It almost appears as if they are posing for the camera.

“Take our picture.”

It isn’t going to be a dramatic sunset.
But there is going to be colour in the western sky.

Colour over Ben Hough

Down by the pier bird song catches our attention.
With the sun dropping the scene is almost monochrome.
Then as the sun drops there is a heron standing on the shoreline.
It took a careful look afterwards to observe the outline of the said heron.

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It one of these evenings when there is a red glow all around.
It is just as distinctive out over the Isle of Mull.
You want to carefully take it all in.

Looking out from the Pier across the Passage of Tiree

The Isle of Mull boasts a ‘Munro’.
It always looks impressive when it glows.

Ben More – Mull’s Munro

Looking West the Manse and Glebe House are in the shadows.
The setting sun is reflected in the waters of Gott Bay.
Thankfully there are no midges!

Moored in the still waters of the bay is a lone yacht.
The voices of those on board carry over the water.
The craft will gently rock its occupants to sleep.

A lone yacht moored in Gott Bay

We walk across the Machair towards the old harbour.
A heron takes fright and goes into flight mode.
What a wingspan these birds have!

A heron take fright and flies off

We stroll across the sand at the harbour.
Even at this low point there is a glow over the township.

The view from the sand at the Old Harbour, Scarinish

As we return home we are amazed at the glow all around.
No matter which way we look there is red/pink glow.
It always takes your breath away.

A breath taking skyline

The forecast for Sunday is for almost 9 hours of sunshine.
What a stark contrast with the weather experienced last Sunday.
The runners on Tiree’s Ultra-Marathon faced challenging conditions.

It’s Goodnight from Life on Tiree.

We cannot resist one glance westward before going indoors.
But we must say “Goodnight from the Isle of Tiree.”
“It is Goodnight from ‘Life on Tiree’.”