Pipped At The Post

What a glorious day.
Daylight hours were crowned with sunshine.
With just a whisper of wind it felt positively warm.

The early morning sun shines on a yacht moored in Gott Bay

A brief walk to the pier was in order before meeting with the church family.
The yacht which had moored the previous evening was still in the bay.
The outline of neighbouring islands was so clear.
Oh! What a glorious morning!

The view from the pier across to the Dutchman’s Cap and the Isle of Mull

It is so encouraging to meet up with the church family.
It is a joy to worship our living Lord Jesus Christ.
It is a glorious morning rain or shine.
Today it was in sunshine.

Looking out across blue waters to Skerryvore Lighthouse.

Before being treated to lunch we met up with friends at West Hynish.
Their sun lounge windows look out on the seal colony.
There we could sea seals enjoying the sunshine.
In the distance was Skerryvore Lighthouse.
We could even see its skerry base.

Looking out to the Paps of Jura from Millport, Scarinish

The afternoon just seemed to disappear.
Little wonder when spent in the company of friends.
All too soon it was time to go out into the pleasant evening sunshine.
The distant Paps of Jura were clearly visible as we crossed over the Mill burn.

Vapour trail and thin high level clouds

The sky was a picture in itself.
It was as if an artist had been doodling with his or her brush.
Vapour trails and thin high level clouds criss crossed the evening sky.

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There is little arable farming now on Tiree.
The ever present geese make it almost impossible.
Some of the land is given over to protecting bird life.
Many species of birds under threat on the Mainland thrive on Tiree.
With dry and sunny weather crofters have been cutting and baling the grass.

At the top of Pier Road we turn left passed the police station.
At Scarinish farm the hard working baler is enjoying a rest.
At the post office we head down the brae.
In view is the lighthouse and harbour.
Oh! Ben More on Mull!

By now the sun has almost set and the sky is transformed.
This evening it feels so peaceful and restful down by the harbour.
After walking across the sand at the harbour we start over the Machair.

Looking west beyond the Police Station

The artist has changed the colours on his palette.
We turn to look to the west and what a feast for the eyes.
A sail in silhouette is a reminder that Tiree spells wind surfing.
The tractor and bales are a reminder that we live in a crofting community.

As we make our way down to the pier we look across to Ben Gott.
The sky is still an amazing picture – the colour not yet fading.
What a glorious evening!

Ben Gott

Close to the monument in Pier Road some sheep line up for the camera
Like the Highland Cattle on Tiree, the sheep love to pose.

Sheep line up for he camera

“ME TOO!” says the cat crouching on the  wall nearby.
We are only too happy to oblige.

Meow – Me too!

The sun has set!
Yet the sky remains colourful.
It has been a Sunny Sunday – a glorious September day.

The Manse, Gott Bay

To think we were pipped at the post.
Records show that we had 11.2 hours of sunshine.
The record for the day enjoyed elsewhere was 11.4 hours.

The Lodge Hotel

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
It’s Monday today – and the sky is blue.