When The Sun Shines

Creating bales while the sun shines.
The old saying is ‘Making hay while the sun shines’.
Gone are the hay stacks and in are the poly-wrapped bales.

Creating Bales while the sun shines

It looks and feels so seasonal.
To look out and see and hear the balers at work.
To walk along the beach and see the tractors at work in the fields.

The grass ready to be baled

First the grass is cut.
Then the balers gather the grass.
Then the tractors gather the bales.
Then the bales are mechanically wrapped.
Then the wrapped bales are carefully stacked.

For the past three days the weather has been sunny.
Little wonder crofters have been making bales while the sun shines.
This afternoon we walked along Gott Bay and it was a busy scene at Ruaig.

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The sight before us gave us great pleasure.
It reminded us just how hard crofters have to work.
It not just caring for their stock, most have another job as well.

A clue to the work in progress were the clouds of birds overhead.
Sometimes the fields were carpeted with feeding birds.
At Ruaig the collie was not going to be left out.
The dog was vary much part of the scene.

They are harvesting

Talking of birds
As we set out on for our walk we met some birders.
With telescopes and binoculars they focused on Got Bay.
The group from Argyll were here looking for rare sightings.
The island is very much on the flight path of migrating birds.
With what excitement birders talk about their absorbing hobby.

Birders looking out at Gott Bay

No doubt Tiree’s crofters will be hoping that the good weather continues.
To import animal feeding is a costly business on an island.
So let’s bale while the sun shines.

What is the forecast please

… With the grass cut, baled and stored …
… With only one more cattle sale to go on Tiree …
It is a reminder of the harvest song.


Come, you thankful people, come,
raise the song of harvest home!
fruit and crops are gathered in
now, before the storms begin:
God our maker will provide
for our needs to be supplied;
come, with all his people, come,
raise the song of harvest home!

What a foreground and backdrop for a harvest scene

This is ‘Life on Tiree.