The Mighty One

On Thursday, from mid-afternoon onwards, the wind steadily rose.
Around midnight the gusts peaked at 52 mph.
At 9:00am – the gusts were still 43 mph.
Little wonder the ferry was on an alert.

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The ferry left Oban Ferry Terminal at 6:21.
It being Friday it was sailing directly to Tiree.
However there was no guarantee that it would berth.
And with the wind blowing all night there was a swell running.

As the ferry leaves the more sheltered waters of the Sound of Mull
It immediately encounters the power of the Atlantic Ocean.
And today the wind was blowing up the Passage of Tiree.
Even with the Mighty One’s stabilisers deployed –
Those on board would know they were at sea.

From the safety of the land the ferry could be seen out in the Passage
With its head into the wind and waves she was dipping and rising.
At times the sea would crash right over the ferry.

The Mighty One enters Gott Bay

White horses were galloping in Gott Bay as the ferry entered it.
The sun was breaking through the storm clouds.
Would the ferry manage to berth.

The MV Clansman cants in the wind as she turns for the roundhead

With great skill the ferry was brought across the roundhead.
From the bridge a watchful eye was being maintained.
From high on the midship the ropes were thrown.
They were caught first time by the pier staff.

The MV Clansman approaches the roundhead

There seemed to be an issue with the midship rope.
A “white hat” from the bridge appeared.
The matter was obviously resolved.
The stern was brought alongside.
The Mighty One has power.
‘Powerful thrusters’.

The Mighty One did it!
She safely berthed at 9:37am
Once again there was no gangway
Access was via the car deck and stern ramp.

Ropes secured behind the snap zone.

Throughout the whole operation of loading and unloading
A careful watch of the bow and stern ropes was kept
Both by the bridge and crew members.
The ropes take some strain.
You can almost feel it.
You can hear them!

It is a strong southerly wind against the vessel

At 10:10 the Mighty One left the pier and headed out to sea.
Her first port of call was scal on Coll
From there she would sail to Oban.

Once again the Clansman proved what she is made of.
Once again thanks to ship and shore our lifeline was maintained.
Thanks to all involved today – a great example of teamwork in action.

From the Mighty One to the Almighty.
The Bible’s song-writer (Psalmist) states,
Some went off to sea in ships,
    plying the trade routes of the world.
They, too, observed the Lord’s power in action,
    his impressive works on the deepest seas.
For more see this link to Psalm 107

The MV Clansman

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
All in a day’s work for the Mighty One.

The pier ready for the arrival of the ferry this morning