Seasonal Interludes

This evening our home is being assaulted once again.
Outside the south westerly wind is swirling and gusting.
These gusts of 53mph have a knack of finding their way inside.
Venturing outside is at one and the same time challenging and exhilarating.

Saturday’s rainbow at Ruaig on Gott Bay

It has been a week of seasonal interludes.
There has been sunshine, scattered showers, squalls and storms.
On Saturday many chose one calmer interlude to travel by ferry to the Mainland.
And a good thing they did!

Saturday’s sailing – the next crossing is Tuesday afternoon.

On Saturday afternoon,
down by the Old Harbour in Scarinish.
you could be forgiven for thinking that it was summer
with blue sky above and the boats quietly reflecting in the water.

The sense of calm interlude continued throughout the evening
With the sun setting around 7:00pm we took a walk down to the pier.
The sky certainly hinted that the weather was about to change once again.
The forecast for storm conditions starting around midnight proved accurate.

The sunset was short lived.
Gone are the days when we enjoyed hours of gloaming.
We are past the Autumn Equinox and daylight hours are much shorter.

The waxing moon was a real feature of the night sky.
It played a game of hide and seek with the clouds.
How bright it appeared.

We woke to the predicted storm.
Almost unbelievably the ferry left Oban at 7:15am.
However unable to berth at Coll the sailing was abandoned.
The drive to meet with other members of the church family at An Talla was interesting

Storm conditions at Crossapol Beach

For a short time in the afternoon there was another interlude.
They clouds gave way briefly to blue sky.
But it did not last long.

Ben Hynish with interesting cloud formations

This evening’s sunset was a most interesting time.
In a matter of minutes we had blue sky, squalls and a sunset.
The sunset was actually visibly through the fierce squall blowing around the house.

The storm is forecast to continue into Monday.
It came as no surprise to be alerted to the cancellation of Monday’s ferry.
Thankfully there is another interlude on Tuesday before the next storm appears.

A rainbow appears outside one window while at another the squall is battering

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Enjoying  sunshine, scattered showers, squalls and storms.