Barra Bound

CalMac provide a summer only service  to the island of Barra from the Isle of Tiree.
It makes the once a week crossing – there and back – on a Wednesday.
For the past two weeks this sailing has been cancelled.
The reason given was the wind and the waves.

The MV Clansman on the Oban-Coll-Tiree-Barra sailing approaching the pier at Scarinish, Tiree

This was the Penultimate Passage of the vessel for 21017.
Weather permitting next Wednesday will be the final sailing to Barra for the year.
Unable to watch the MV Clansman in the Gunna Sound next week we visited it today.

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As the MV Clansman prepared to berth at Tiree an Air Ambulance flew overhead.
It made its final approach to the runway flying behind Glebe House.
How blessed we are to have such access to this service.

After watching the vessel berth at Tiree’s pier in Gott Bay we headed east.
The route takes you from Scarinish along the shore of Gott Bay.
This weekend sees the start of the Tiree Wave Classic.
So today there was plenty of activity on the water.

The MV Clansman in Gott Bay and Barra Bound

The Gunna Sound separates Tiree from the islands of Gunna and Coll.
This narrow stretch of water has to be treated with respect.
It is renown for its tides and currents.

The MV Clansman passing the Navigation Buoy in the Gunna Sound

As witnessed at the pier there was a swell running today.
At the north end of the Gunna Sound the Atlantic was rolling in.
Therefore as the vessel headed out into the Little Minch it was rise and fall.
The few passengers on board would certainly have known they were at sea.

The MV Clansman with in the background heads out into the Little Minch

The fishing boat ‘NAVICULA’ OB526 sailed past the MV Clansman.
It was entering the Gunna Sound heading for the waters off Coll.
How small it appeared against the “Mighty One’.

NAVICULA OB526 – Fishing Fishing

From our vantage point on a rocky outcrop we could see the Clansman rise and fall.
It was nothing too dramatic but for some it would have been tummy upsetting.
For others it would have made their crossing – their day!

The sky overhead had been threatening – on Mull it was raining!
But with they sky clearing we decided to have an East End walk.
It being Tiree someone kindly stopped and offered a lift!
Expressing thanks we continued our walk.

We walked along the length of the road to Coll View.
From there we had silvery views across to Milton and Dun Mor.
Then we turned back and headed for our car which we had left parked.
As we made our way along the road a ‘tup’ let us know that he was there.

Well time to head home for lunch.
In about six hours time the Clansman will return.
It will pass through the Sound on its Penultimate Passage.
That is – unless the weather is rough next week.
We will just have to wait and see.

A final look across the Gunna Sound

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

The Atlantic rolling into the bays at Salum and Vaul