Seasonal Sunset

A Stroll around Scarinish afforded a Seasonal Sunset.
Sunset – as our stroll was in the late afternoon.
Seasonal – as the Sunset reflected the weather.
We have had sunshine and showers.
Yes! And Stormy Skies!

Looking across from the Post Office in Scarinish

As the sun was setting we walked up Pier Road.
Passed the Post Office and down to the Old Harbour
Then we walked up the wee brae to An Iodhlann, Tiree’s historical centre.

The Old School House and An Iodhlann

The road reflected not only the sunset but the amount of rain.
It appears that Tiree is awash but still afloat.
Our head is still above the water.

Looking between the houses towards An Sithean

As they say, ‘The nights are fair drawing in.”
There is noticeable difference almost every day.
With storm clouds moving in during the afternoon it felt dark at 3:00.
Yet, late afternoon the sky brightened and we enjoyed our seasonal sunset.

Seasonal Sunset

At the head of Pier Road we had to stop and look west.
The sunset was reaching its glorious climax.

Startled gulls take to the skies

The first hint of the Scarinish’s seasonal lochen is appearing.
With all the rain of the past days the fields are beginning to flood.
Tonight, however, it is the wet road that mirrors the sunset and the sky above.

Scarinish and our Seasonal Sunset

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.