On Saturday we returned to the Isle of Tiree by Ferry.
It was a wise decision to travel by ferry rather than by plane.
Those who had planned to travel by plane were stranded in Glasgow.
Due to poor visibility both flights were cancelled after long waits at the airport.

A Twin Otter on the stand at Glasgow International Airport

On Sunday the sun shone!
The Sunday flight arrived as scheduled.
However, for some visitors to the island it was too late.
It was too late for the anticipated guests coming to the Baptist Church.
Stranded in Glasgow they sent a YouTube message to the Church instead.

The Mail Van meets the plane

On Monday morning the plane was able to land.
This meant that that the mail from the Mainland arrived.
However, suddenly late afternoon mist descended and the flight turned back.
The plane left Glasgow and made two attempts to land but was forced to abort landing.

Tiree Airport

It’s Tuesday and both flights have been cancelled.
Once again this is down to poor visibility.
Passengers are stranded in Glasgow.

The best of the day at sundown

For some passengers this will be their second night stranded in Glasgow.
Some passengers will have arrived in the airport from long haul flights
Tomorrow even if the flight is as scheduled it is a question of capacity.
If your flight is cancelled you go to the back of the queue.
There is the possibility of not getting on the flight.

The Clansman (from our archives)

Once again the ferry prevailed.
Poor visibility is not a major problem for the ferry.
High winds from an Easterly or( SE) direction can lead to cancellation.
All of this contributes to the rich tapestry that is commonly called ‘Island Life’.

Sunny Summer Days on Tiree – Balephetrish

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.