Light Fantastic

Tiree does not qualify for dark skies status.
However for the most part we enjoy dark skies.
For example there are no street lights on the island.

The 2017 Bonfire at Scarinish

This evening (5th Nov) was the island’s bonfire night and firework display.
This year it was held close to the beach at Scarinish.
Once again we had a grand display.

The view over the roof tops at Pier View, Scarinish

Living in Scarinish we could have looked on from our home.
However, it is not the same as being present.
You miss the great atmosphere.

The night sky lit up over Scarinish

It was a perfect evening for the bonfire and fireworks.
It was warm for November and it was dry.
There was hardly a breath of wind.

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The early morning hail showers gave way to bright blue skies.
As darkness fell there was every possibility
that we would see the full moon.
And we were not disappointed.

The Frost or Beaver Moon

The Frost Moon or Beaver Moon
appears every year around the month of November.
It earned its name from Native American huntsmen,
who used it to decide when to set beaver traps
to provide warm pelts for the winter months.

The Full Moon through the smoke of the bonfire

As stood in front of the bonfire the moon slowly rose.
It seemed most appropriate that at first it had an orange glow.
This year the frost/beaver moon is particularly close to the earth.

From the memorial in Pier Road
the view across the Passage of Tiree was impressive!
The silvery light of the moon was streaming across the water.

Yesterday was the annual sale at the Rural centre
of store cattle, suckled calves and all classes of breeding cattle
and this resulted in an additional evening sailing from Tiree to Oban.

The Pier lights pierced the darkness.
The MV Clansman brought light to Gott Bay.
And the cattle floats were ablaze with their lights.

A Cattle Float approaching the linkspan

Here (Below) is a short video of the Sale’s Special Sailing.
Just click on the photograph to enjoy the light fantastic.

These past few evenings our bedroom has been flooded with moonlight.
The full moon has brought with it extra high and extra low tides.
Even in the depth of the night it has given light.

By the light of the Silvery Moon

Finally, this morning, we had yet another display of light fantastic.
There may have been short, sharp, hail showers –
but it was a colourful sunrise.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ enjoying the Light Fantastic.

Light Fantastic