Baugh’s Birds

Birds were a feature of this morning’s walk in Baugh Township.
They were on the electric wires and poles.
They were up above in the sky.
They were on barbed wire.

Wherever you looked there appeared to be birds.
Here they are by the Roadman’s Cottage.

Roadman’s Cottage

But the thrill of the day was spotting a Redwing.
Thanks to John Bowler for the identification.

A Redwing at Baugh

John Bowler states.
“That’s a fine photo of a Redwing!
There are quite a few of these about just now.
Hundreds pass through Tiree in late October-November
as they head south for the winter
but smaller numbers will also spend the winter here.
Yours has very broad smudgy streaks below,
so is probably an Icelandic bird,
whereas we can also see cleaner-looking Scandinavian birds
passing through at this time of year.”

A redwing

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’ enjoying the bird life.

A redwing

Blue Skies populated with bird life.

Early November