Unofficially Winter

According to the Met Office,
the meteorological winter begins on 1 December,
whereas the astronomical winter begins on 21 December 2017.

Tuesday and wintry skies over the passage of Tiree

It is only mid November but this past week has been wintry.
It feels dark with little strength to the sun’s rays.
It is only five weeks to the winter solstice.
So sunrise is now after 8:00am.
Sunset no later than 4:00pm.

Wintry skies over Scarinish Old Harbour

There are noticeably fewer calm days.
Gusts have clocked 40+mph several times this week.
And on several occasions there have been squally hail showers.

Tuesday and a Rainbow frames the stern of the MV Clansman at the Pier, Scarinish

Today the cold air has added to the wintry feel.
Hat, scarfs, coats and gloves are must when out walking.
And you have to choose your moment to walk between the hail showers.

Tuesday’s rainbow anchored at Ruaig – across Gott Bay from the pier

Sunshine and showers lead to frequent rainbows.
Rainbows are a characteristic of life on Tiree.
How we appreciate the sight of them.

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Tiree’s big skies and wide horizons afford amazing panoramic views,
At times the sky appears to be both black and blue..
You can sometimes see a dividing life.

Sunup and sundown have been fleeting features.
Both sunrise and sunset have felt wintry.
Sometimes hidden and often weak.

With the summer visitors gone the island feels quiet.
However that does not mean there is little to do at this point in time..
In fact so much goes on that you have to choose what to make a priority.

Monday Evening’s Gathering at the Hynish Centre with Dr Margaret Bennett

For example  Monday evening we were at the Hynish Centre.
Dr Margaret Bennett and Dr Ann Petrie spoke about the Creegan Journals.
These important journals and photographs document the past cultural ‘Life on Tiree’.
Tuesday was at AN Talla with the SWI.
Hannah Wright of Balemartine demonstrated the art of making sourdough bread.

Hannah Wright demonstrating bread making

This is a wintry ‘Life on Tiree’.
It is certainly the weather for porridge.
But then we enjoy porridge whatever the weather.

Wintry blue skies over Scarinish