Tiree Weather Watch

It still amazes us how conscious we are of the weather here on Tiree.
But then so much of life on Tiree is weather dependant.
This is especially so for our crofters and fishermen.

A grand place to watch the weather – frequent docking showers occur

Weather watching is not an obsession.
At least we don’t think so.

Watching the sun going down over Gott Bay – heavy clouds but a dry day

The weather has a major impact on travel arrangements.
For example the plane cannot land when there is poor visibility.
Several times this past week flights to Glasgow have been cancelled.
When the plane is cancelled it means that there is no mail or newspapers.
It can also mean that hospital or other important appointments are missed.

The setting sun reflected in a puddle by the roadside

This year the ferry has not been cancelled as much as in previous years.
However, high winds and the resulting swell conditions can lead to cancellations.
And in high winds you have to be extremely careful getting in and out of your car.

At present the island’s landscape reflects the recent heavy rain.
On Tuesday of this week it never stopped raining all day.
Now Winter water features are reappearing.

An Sithean reflected in the wintry waters of the lochen – a drowned field.

Tiree is low lying and although homes are seldom flooded fields suffer.
This autumn it was difficult for the crofters to cut the silage.
This has a major impact on the cost of feeding their stock

The glory of the setting sun

Wednesday dawned dry and calm.
But it was the setting sun that was so captivating.
The rejuvenated Scarinish Lochen acted like a grand mirror.

with the sun set it is time to get indoors

With our big wide open skies we can often watch the weather approach.
In the past two days we have watched heavy black clouds move across.
Often these clouds have been accompanied by squally hail showers.
Today we have had hail that tried to impersonate snow.
Minutes later the sky turned blue.

What will tomorrow bring?

At a first glance it appeared there was snow on the ground.
But it was only hail we had to lift our eyes to Mull to see real snow.
Both Rum and the Isle of Mull have beautiful snow capped mountain peaks.

Scarinish old harbour with hail covered sand and real snow on the Isle of Mull

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ weather watching.
Weather watching is a necessity
It is not an obsession!

No hail here at Gott Bay! It looks like summer but there is snow across on Ben More (Mull)