“Look at that!”
“Look at those colours.”
“Just look at that sunrise.”

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Tuesday’s Sunrise

“Look at the sky right now!”
It has been like that more or less all week.
Our eyes have frequently been drawn skyward.

Wednesday’s Sunrise

There have been inky black moments.
There have been bright blue skies.
And there has been hail.
It has been wintry.

Thursday’s Sunrise

Sunrise is around 8:30am.
Many of them have been rich and colourful.
Each sunrise has been a reminder that winter begins 1st Dec.
From the breakfast table it has been a joy to watch the sun come.

Friday’s Sunrise

With the wind from the north it has felt raw.
It has been bracing and challenging walking into it.
Thankfully on Tiree we have escaped frost, ice and snow.

White Horses at sea – Mannal from Hynish

Early in the week the north wind was accompanied by white horses at sea.
When the sun shone and the sky was blue how they pranced.
At such times sky and sea were a delight.

The sun’s wintry rays shaft down on Scarinish Lighthouse

Most days Tiree has only two flights to and from Glasgow Airport.
On Monday and Wednesday there are two return flights to Oban.
Perhaps it is for that very reason we take notice of the daily flights.
Even when we cannot see the plane we follow it on the iPad app.
With people you perhaps know on board you wonder, ‘Will it land?”


On Wednesday there was the sound of a helicopter.
So once again our attention was drawn skyward.
It circled over Scarinish before landing.
It sat at the foot of the BT Tower.
Then it headed for Ben Gott.


On Thursday the clouds frequently parted.
What a clear view towards Ben More on Mull.
It looked as if it had been sprinkled with icing sugar.
Further south the Paps of Jura stood out below the clouds.


The sun sets so early these days.
At this time of the year it sets over Hynish.
Probably the most colourful was on Thursday.
We drove towards it on our way to Baugh and Heylipol.

A new day dawns – sun up over the Passage of Tiree on Friday 1st December

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