Misty Morning

It’s the day with the shortest hours of daylight.
Thus far these daylight hours have been a delight.
From first light a low lying mist crept over the island.

At first light a low lying mist hangs over Pier Road

As the sun rose slowly in the sky it highlighted the mist.
The Memorial in Pier Road proved an ideal vantage point.
Across the Passage of Tiree Ben More towered above the mist and clouds.

The mist and cloud envelop Ben More on the Isle of Mull

The island’s electricity poles stood out as marker post.
The mast on Ben Gott rose out of the mist.
The grass was laden with dew.

Ben Gott

Looking west across the Island Ben Hynish was shrouded in the mist

Ben Hynish and the Golf Ball

Across Gott Bay the Tiree Lodge Hotel appeared out of the mist.
As the sun rose the blanket of mist was rolled back.

The Tiree Lodge Hotel

The land and seascape of Gott Bay was transformed.
Crofts and the former Church Building appeared out of the mist

The former Kirkapol Church Building

The rising sun brought colour to the sky and the lochen.
Across the water was a hint of the mist creeping across the island.

The rising sun brought colour to the sky and lochen

The grazing sheep were in silhouette.
Mist and sunrise combining together with the sheep.

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree enjoying the misty morning.
A misty morning that is giving way to bright blue skies.