Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas
And A Happy New Year

A festive NATS radar station at the top of Ben Hynish

It seems a most appropriate time to look back over the past twelve months of the year.
In pre-decimalisation  days (1971) ‘twelve’ was a much more significant number.
For example there were twelve old pennies in a shilling.
Now counting is primarily in multiples of tens.

Christmas Decorations at An Talla – the Island’s Community Centre

Jesus had twelve disciples – sometime called the twelve apostles.
The Bible refers to the twelve tribes of Israel.
Then there are the twelve days of Christmas.
Every day is dived into 2 sets of 12 hours
And there are twelve months in the year.

Tiree’s Gale-Proof Christmas Tree at the Business Centre, Crossapol – designed and built by an islander

2017 has been for us the year of the visitor.
It has been a joy to welcome many to our island home.
For those who came in May it was sunhat, suncream and shades.
In June and July hat, scarf, gloves and anorak were more appropriate

A wintry sunrise from Scarinish across to Ben More on the Isle of Mull

How do you compress such a busy year into just twelve photographs?
Perhaps a compromise could be twelve small galleries.
Even then it has been a difficult exercise.

In galleries mouse-over for captions or double-click for larger photographs.


With daylight hours in short supply you appreciate colour.


A February Storm brings travel disruption


Evidence of sun over Baugh beach
Heavy Rainfall bringing flooding to the Reef
And a reminder of the importance of crofting and fishing to the island


A colourful feathered visitor to the island
The 10K and Half-Marathon brings many to the island
A royal visitor (the Hebridean Princess) calls into the island


It was a joy to share May with some of our visitors.
Longer hours of daylight, hares exercising and colour everywhere.


A birthday treat was a sail on the PS Waverley from Tiree to Oban.
The PS Waverley is the last sea going paddle steamer in the world.
And to finish the day – a stunning sunset.


What a busy month!
The Fèis Thiriodh, The Tiree Music Festival and the Tiree Show


What fun sharing Tiree with our grand-children.


The MV Clansman heads out into the Passage of Tiree

How we value the ferry service to the island.
How thankful we are for captain and crew and all who work at the pier.

In September we enjoyed our first ever visit to the Isle of Coll.
On the way home we were accompanied by common dolphins.
While below a reminder of harvest safely gathered in.

Creating Bales while the sun shines


Spindrift at Scarinish


November is a month for remembering in various ways.
Daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter.
And the island is much quieter


The Master and crew members on the Bridge of the MV Clansman

What a thrill to be invited on to the Bridge of the ‘Mighty’ Clansman.

In December Christmas comes to the island.
Some of the homes have lights inside and outside.
Santa Claus does not forget to visit the Isle of Tiree.
There are meals out, school concerts, carol services and parties.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ thanking God for the past year.
And knowing that He can be trusted for the year to come.