Wind Chill

The phone rang!
The phone was answered.
The caller asked, “Did you see the sunrise?”
The caller continued, “I wanted to warn you, it’s cold!”

The chilly view at breakfast towards the Paps of Jura

The sunrise had some warm colours.
But the sky also hinted at the temperature outside.
It was cold, just above freezing, but not as cold as the Mainland.

A gul soars over the Scarinish Headland as the sun rises

At 8:00am the temperature on Tiree was +4.2 degrees
At :00am the temperature at Glasgow Airport was -5.9 degrees.
Theoretically Glasgow Airport was much colder than the Isle of Tiree
However the official figures did not take into account the wind chill factor.

The sun rises over the Scarinish headland – 9:00am

Here on Tiree the wind drove the cold air right through you.
It was as someone once remarked, “a lazy wind”.
It didn’t make any effort to go round you.
It just went straight through you!

The views of Ben Moore on Mull capture the cold feel to the day.

It was a bright day.
But the blue was a wintry blue.
Significantly some people see blue as a cold colour.

The Rum Cuillin seen from An Sithean, Scarinish

Monday’s sunrise surpassed Sunday’s in every way.
It wasn’t just the phone caller who was impressed.
Many people commented on it.

So Grateful for my warm woolly coat

Sun-up, Sunrise, Blue Skies, Sunset and Sun-down.
Each one was colourful in its own distinct way.
And the common thread?
The wind chill!

The wind has continued to blow through the night.
There are lots of white horses out at sea.
“Will the ferry be able to berth?”

The sun has set and the wind is rising

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’.

The sun has set