Sailing At First Light

This morning the MV Clansman berthed at Tiree at First Light.
For the third consecutive Sunday there has been an amended timetable.
It has meant the ferry leaving Oban Ferry Terminal under the cover of darkness.

The MV Clansman berthing at Tiree at First Light

On the first two Sundays the ferry left Oban at 4:00am.
Drivers and their vehicles had to present themselves no later than 3:15am.
With this early sailing the ferry berthed at Tiree at 7:20am when it was still dark.

The MV Clansman alongside the pier

Those travelling today today were advised by CalMac, the ferry operator:
Due to an adverse forecast of WSW winds gusting to 45 knots,
there will be an amended timetable on this service as follows:
Depart Oban: 0500
Arrive Tiree: 0820 – Depart Tiree: 0835
Arrive Coll: 0930 – Depart Coll: 0940
Arrive Oban: 1220

“Isle of Tiree” lorry (MacKinnon Haulage) boarding the MV Clansman

Unlike the previous two Sunday sailings there was no need for the pier lights.
Darkness had been dispelled by first light, although it was not yet sunrise.
Sadly due to the cloudy grey sky the sunrise was hidden.

With ‘Clag” from the funnel the MV Clansman heads away from the pier

Today the ferry was lightly loaded in both directions.
Certainly more vehicles and passengers arrived from Oban.
Watching the loading it felt more like a private charter than a regular sailing.
However, it is a ‘lifeline’ service and it was important to those making use of it.

The MV Clansman heads out to sea bound for Oban via Coll

Thanks to CalMac and their staff for providing an amended timetable.
This winter they have looked for weather windows to sail.
Consequently there have been fewer cancellations.
It is appreciated.

With the rising sun on its face – the Clansman heads out into the Passage of Tiree

This is ‘Life Tiree’.
And yes – the wind is getting up!
Sadly the only flight today was cancelled.