Atmospheric Action

Gott Bay for Action and Atmosphere.
A regular haunt for land yachts and surfers.
A beautiful bay where kite surfers frequently frequent.


On this gentle sloping beach the waves roll in day in day out.
Here the wild west wind whips up splendid spindrift.
Yet on calm days the waves caress its shore.

MV Burhou and the MV Clansman in Gott Bay

Yesterday the word was out that there would be another boat today.
My first thought was, “Yes! The Clansman will come tomorrow..”
“It’s a Monday and weather permitting there is a sailing.”
The fact is – it was to be a gravel boat.

MV Burhou anchored in Gott Bay waiting to return to the pier

The boat, the MV Burhou, berthed at the pier Gott Bay at 6:35am.
The vessel is owned by the Great Glen Shipping Company.
She carries a wide range of freight, ranging from:
logs, pulp, salt and building materials.


Today she was carrying aggregates (gravel) from Bonawe Quarry.
Throughout the day MacKinnon Haulage were busy unloading her.
All day long tractors and trailers went up and down the pier.
The cargo being carefully dumped in sight of the pier.

The MV Clansman berthing at the pier, Gott Bay

At the appointed time (11:05) the MV Clansman berthed at the pier.
For the duration of her stay the MV Burhou had to withdraw.
She anchored in the bay well clear of the pier.

At the end of the pot of gold the MV Clansman – the rainbow indicative of sunshine and showers

After the ferry proceeded to sea the cargo vessel returned.
Her progress back to the pier appeared painfully slow.
After all there was a cargo to be discharged.

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It felt as if Gott Bay was where all the action was today.
The Clansman heading for the Port of Oban via Coll.
The MV Burhou berthing once more at the pier..
And a fishing boat working in the bay.

Sunrise over the Scarinish Headland

The day had begun with a colourful sunrise.
What was to follow were blue skies and sudden sharp showers.
The wind from the West-South-West had a bitter cold edge to it.

Tilley the Turbine and the houses at Brock – from Gott Bay

Nevertheless we decided to walk along Gott Bay in the late afternoon.
Facing east as we walked the sky was a delightful blue.
Turning around to walk back the sky was atmospheric.

Atmospheric Gott Bay looking to Ben Gott

To the East was Tilley the island’s wind turbine and the houses at Brock.
In the other direction Scarinish, Ben Gott and Ben Hynish.
Here Action and Atmospheric combined.


To finish the afternoon off was a gentle reminder.
January this year has two full moons
Today it is almost there.
But not quite.

Late afternoon warning of the approaching full moon

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

Gott Bay for Action and Atmosphere