Here Comes The Sun

‘Here comes the sun.’
There has been a pattern to the weather in recent weeks.
Five or six grey windy days have been followed by a day of sunshine.
Yesterday, Friday, sunrise was followed by a morning of bright blue sky.

Contentedly watching the sun rise

‘Here comes the sunshine.’
But it wasn’t just the bright blue sky.
It was the lack of wind – it was so calm.

Sunrise over the Scarinish Headland
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High winds led to the cancellation of Thursday’s ferry.
Thankfully CalMac provided a replacement sailing on Friday.
[Under the winter timetable there is normally no Friday Oban/Coll/Tiree sailing.]

The MV Clansman berthed with low tide conditions

With all the rain we have experienced Tiree has many new lochens.
The wet conditions have made life very difficult for the island’s crofters.
It is not just the restricted pasture, the wet ground is churned up by the cattle.

Reflections from the Scarinish Township

The positive side to the lochens and puddles is they act as mirrors.
With the bright blue sky there were many excellent reflections.
(Houses, cars, clouds, fence posts, and even a digger bucket.)

Reflections from the Scarinish Township

The full moon has been accompanied by extreme tides.
When the ferry berthed at the pier it was a very low tide.
It made you wonder just how much water was under the ‘Clansman’!

At the Old Harbour there was very little water.
There the receding tide had left an interesting pattern.
In the remaining water the stone work was calmly reflected.

Scarinish Old Harbour
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The past three Sundays have been accompanied by high winds.
At the moment it looks like this pattern might be broken.
In fact it looks like we might have three sunny days.
It might even be three calm sunny days.

Silvery Scarinish Beach basking in the sunlight

This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’.

Saturday afternoon and sunshine at Vaul – another very low tide

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