Sale Day

It’s not a spelling mistake.
This was the first Tiree Livestock Sale of 2018.
It meant a busy day at the pier with two sailings of the ferry.

THE MV Clansman approaches the Pier in Gott Bay Tiree

For many people Saturday is a day for a long lie.
Not for those travelling to Tiree on ‘Sale Day’.
They had to be at the port by 4:45am.
The sailing was at 5:30am.

Commercial Vehicles make their way up the Pier approach

Those who had made the journey were greeted by sunshine.
Apart from an odd hail shower the sunshine lasted all day.
Yes! There was even a hint of a sunset.

Foot passengers arrive as departing vehicles proceed down the approach to the pier

The sun enhanced the sense of ‘Sale Day’ colour.
The livestock floats are often very colourful.
This is especially so when they light up.

The MV Clansman heads ut to sea bound for Oban

This was just a wee sale.
There were only four livestock floats.
Other commercial traffic was booked on the ferry.
This meant the Co-Op had its normal Saturday delivery.

Watch the Video for more of  the action.

Not everyone attended the sale.
For example In the morning work continued at the Noust.
It has been a week of preparing for the constructing of the Skiff

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There was a bonus for those travelling by the second sailing.
It meant that they could leave Oban at a more civilised hour.
The ferry left Oban ferry terminal just after 2:00pm.
With no stop at Coll it was a quicker crossing.
(About 3 hours 20 minutes.)

The MV Clansman alongside the pier – the early evening sailing

The ferry arrived when there was still a glow to the Western skyline.
By the time boarding commenced the pier lights were necessary.
These lights are the only ‘street lighting’ on the island.
And they add to the drama of the occasion.

Livestock floats waiting to board

It wasn’t just the sale traffic that made use of the two sailings.
Amongst the various foot passengers was the farrier.
He had 8 hours to employ his skill on the island.
No doubt it was time well spent.

Landrover and trailer off to the Bull Sale in Stirling

This weekend also sees the United Auction’s Bull Sale at Stirling.
There were several very expensive bulls leaving the island.
The owners accompanied them hoping for a good price.
The bulls were not on the various floats.
They went by their own private trailers.

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‘Sale Day’ was calm throughout.
For a change there was hardly a breeze.
The palm trees by the pier bore witness to the fact.

Watch the Video for more of  the action.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on a calm ‘Sale Day’.
A day that saw two sailings of the island’s ferry.
It was a busy day for the Mighty Clansman and her crew.