A Sunny Sunday

Here on the Isle of Tiree it has been a beautiful sunny day.
After yesterday’s drama it has been much calmer.
The sky has been blue and almost cloudless.
However there has been a nip to the air.

Today’s blue sky with the moon out in the afternoon

Yesterday’s drama centred around the MV Hebridean Isles.

She suffered damage attempting to berth at Tiree’s pier.
In fact she had to return to Oban Ferry Terminal without berthing here.
Thankfully as far as we know no one was injured in the incident on board.

The waxing moon at sunset

The wounded ferry made her way today to hospital in Troon.
The hope is that she will soon be whole again and able to return to her duties.
She was covering for the MV Clansman who has gone for her annual check up.

The sun about to set – as seen from our front door

Tomorrow, Monday, it looks as if an old friend might be returning to Tiree.
As far as can be deduced the MV Lord of the Isles is deputising.
This will have a knock on effect on her normal route:
She normally serves Mallaig and Lochboisdale.
“Thanks guys for the loan of your ferry.”

The Memorial in Pier Road as the sun is about to set

For the past month or more Tiree has been awash.
It has has felt like its name – ‘The Land below the Waves’.
Those with good memories have never known it to be so wet.
But at long last, it is if the tide has turned and the land is drying out.

Ben Hynish and the ‘Golf Ball’ from the Memorial in Pier Road

Today the Church on Tiree ‘went global’.
We joined with millions of Christians from all over the world.
The great occasion was the global hymn sing of ‘Jesus Shall reign’

Across the Passage of Tiree Ben More on the Isle of Mull

The global hymn ‘Jesus Shall Reign’ has a strong association with Scotland
and in particular with its capital city Edinburgh.
After winning the gold medal in the 1924 Olympics
for the men’s 400-metre sprint,Eric Liddell
(upon whom the Chariots of Fire movie was based)
felt called to be a missionary to China.

The sun drops below the horizon

Despite being called a ‘fool’ by some of the press,
Liddell felt compelled to bring the Good News about Jesus
to the people of that land and could not run away from this calling.

The silhouette of the Steading stands out against a glowing sky

As he left on the train at Waverley Station,
he was asked to deliver a speech to fans and supporters
gathered to see the Olympic champion off.
Rather than delivering an address,
Eric led the people in singing the hymn,
‘Jesus Shall Reign’.

Beyond Gott Bay the Rum Cuillin

Jesus shall reign where’er the sun
Does its successive journeys run
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore
Till sun shall rise and set no more.

This evening’s sunset from the pier

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
What a grand day it has been.

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