Relief Beyond Belief!

This morning our deductions were proved correct.
The MV Lord of the Isles was a most welcome relief ferry.
The MV Lord Isles was the relief vessel for the damaged MV Hebridean Isles.
The latter had been the relief vessel for the MV Clansman away for its annual overhaul.

MV Lord of the Isles in Gott Bay and with Ben More as a backdrop

It was a relief in more ways than one.
It wasn’t simply the relief vessel in place of the MV Hebridean Isles.
It was a relief to see a ferry after the ‘Heb. Isles’ failed to berth on Saturday.
It was a relief after no ferry on Sunday due to the damage suffered by the ‘Heb. Isles’.

A welcome sight – the MV Lord of the Isles

It was a relief to witness the MV Lord of the Isles berth.
The ferry was on an alert due to the anticipated swell conditions.
And once again the wind was blowing in from a south easterly direction.

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‘LOTI” was indeed a welcome visitor to Tiree.
At one time she was a frequent visitor to both Coll and Tiree
She has been less so with the MV Clansman as our dedicate vessel.

The bridge and bow of LOTI as she approaches the pier

The first attempt at berthing involved throwing the midship line.
The rope was successfully hauled and and secured.
But the rope was subsequently released.
LOTI then move off the pier.

The first attempt involved throwing the midship line and rope

An attempt was made at bringing in her stern towards the pier.
Once more she backed off from the pier.
What next?

Next an attempt is made at bringing in the stern

LOTI’s bow was then brought in to the pier’s roundhead.
The bow ropes were thrown and successfully caught.
Then the midship line was thrown and caught.
Finally the stern was then brought in.
Success! Relief all round!

The ramp was lowered and soon three days traffic rolled off.
It was amazing how many people had been expecting deliveries.
It can only be hoped that there was sufficient space for all the booked traffic.

There were the ‘Isle of Tiree” vehicles belonging to IA MacKinnon Haulage.
There was the MacLennan Motors  lorry with the Co-Op delivery
There was a lorry with Animal Feed for the island.
Additionally there were several vans and cars.

Has your expected delivery arrived today?

What was a surprise was the number of foot passengers arriving today.
There was also a case for the vet – a matter of one lady and her dog.
The vet on Tiree also cares for animals on the island of Coll.
One such animal arrived with her owner from Coll.

One woman and her dog

Fewer vehicles and passengers left Tiree for Oban and Coll.
Nevertheless there was relief to see LOTI safely berth.
It was a relief for those waiting to board.

MV Lord of the Isles alongside the pier

South Uist will be looking for the return of the MV Lord of the Isles.
There are no spare vessels and a compromise had to be found.
There are several routes to the Outer Hebrides.
There is only one route to Tiree.

This is a relieved ‘Life on Tiree’.
Along with others we are waiting to see if our delivery arrived.

The MV Ferry sets sail for Oban via Coll

** Relief beyond belief  ***
This was the advertising slogan for a former pain relief product.

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