Not a Snowflake in Sight

Blue Sky and not a snow flake in sight.
The only snow to be seen is miles away across the water.
There is still snow on Ben More on Mull, Skye and Mainland Peaks.

Across the Passage of Tiree is the Isle of Mull

For the past four days we have enjoyed sunshine.
It would not be truthful to say bright, warm, sunshine.
There is a decided cold feel to the air with added wind chill.

The snow capped peaks of Skye behind the Isle of Rum

Today on the Mainland a RED ALERT has been issued for the Central Belt of Scotland.
For much of the morning Glasgow Airport’s runway was closed.
In the afternoon it reopened but there are very few flights.

Wednesday morning’s sunrise from our home in Scarinish

There are no Glasgow flights to Tiree today.
However the Oban plane did make it.
Consequently there is little mail.

Each morning the sunrise has lit up the house with an orange glow.
This morning the surrounding landscape took on the glow.
On other days the sun has shone through clouds.
Radiating Rays were eye catching.

The ‘Pink House’ – Tullymet, Gott

A Yellow Be Aware Alert has been issued for tomorrow’s ferry.
Looking out across the Passage of Tiree you can understand why.
There may be no snow flakes but there are certainly plenty of white horses.

How do they berth alongside the pier at low tide?

With the Full Moon only two days away (02/03/18) the tide has been low.
This was certainly noticeable with the exposed rocks by the pier.
You wonder sometimes how the ferry is able to berth.
Often the ferry’s propellor disturbs the sand.

The waxing moon high over the Isle of Mull from above Scarinish Harbour

With blue sky and fluffy white clouds Gott Bay was a delight.
The wind was gusting in at 37mph from the East-North-East.
How the white horses were dancing on the waves.
Various landmark house stood out in the sun.

Rays of sunshine shafting through the clouds late on Monday afternoon

What was particularly enjoyable watching the birds.
Oyster Catchers and gulls were swooping and swirling.
And the gulls appeared to be riding the waves in the sky.

An Oyster Catcher with something for elevenses

It was easy to be sure footed.
There was no snow lying on the ground.
But you had to make sure that you were well wrapped up.
Exposed skin, especially bare hands, soon turned red raw.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy the slideshow of the gulls.
In a hurry? Then use the arrows.

We have enquired of family in the Central Belt.
We have seen photographs of the grand-children in London.
We have listened to excited conversations about snowballs and sledges.

The Lodge Hotel looking out on a bay of prancing white horses

We are waiting for the photographs of the snowmen and women.
We would willingly send a picture of sandcastles.
“If it weren’t quite so cold!”

It’s a YELLOW ALERT for Thursday’s sailing. Will ‘LOTI’ sail and be able to berth?

Keep warm. Keep safe.
If you are able to – enjoy the fun of snow.
Consider also those who have to work in such conditions.

Blue sky, blue sea and white horses

This is “Life on Tiree’ enjoying blue sky days.
And to think not a snow flake in sight.