Green For Go

No Red, Amber or Yellow Alerts for the Isle of Tiree.
The island has avoided the worst of the weather.
In fact it has remained green for go.

A cloud covered, snow capped Rum Cuillin provides the backdrop to Ruaig

It has been unusually cold for the island.
Sadly there have been burst pipes.
Imagine a frozen ‘Island Loch’.
Imagine crunchy sand.
It’s been cold!

On at least one day Tiree was the warmest place in the UK.
However it didn’t feel like that because of the wind chill.
Yet even the Mainland suffered the wind chill factor.

Looking south from the area around the Noust (boathouse)

Today it has been green for go.
It has been a day to be outside walking.
As the day advanced the sky increasingly turned blue.

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For operational reasons the ferry was on an amended timetable.
It left the Oban Ferry Terminal at 6:15am rather than 7:15am.
Consequently LOTI berthed in Tiree at 10:25am.
What a picture it made against the Rum Cuillin.

NLV Polar Star against the backdrop of the Wilderness on Mull

After the ferry departed it was time to visit the Noust.
It is week 5 in the project to build a St. Ayles Skiff.
The first weeks were spent in preparatory work.
Work is now underway on the actual build.

After lunch our walk took us to the crofting township of Heanish.
The township lies between Scarinish and Baugh.
It is no great distance at all from our home.

Traditional and Modern side by side on the machair at Heanish

This afternoon we turned off the road and on to the machair.
We can say we saw some of the island from a fresh angle.
It was a great afternoon to be out exploring.

A window on Hynish Bay

Neighbouring islands stood out in sharp relief today.
In the far distance we could see the NLV Pole Star.
She had been at Gunna Sound maintaining a buoy.
She was off the coast of Mull heading south.

A gateway with a view across the bay to Ben Hynish

Heanish is an attractive township.
Yet many never explore its coastline.
Houses are dotted across the machair.
Yet at times you loose sight of any habitation.

Looking towards Baugh

Blue sky today has meant green for go.
It has been a day to enjoy being outside.
How thankful we are to have avoided any alerts.

Much of the UK may still be under the grip of winter.
Here on Tiree today it felt as if spring was on the way.
After all it is the meteorological spring.

And not a house in sight

This is the life – Life-on-Tiree

Looking across the machair to a distant mountain peak