See What A Morning

Stepping out the house
when the moon was still high on the western sky
we made our way towards the Baptist Church at Baugh.

The moon in the western sky on April 1st – Easter Day

On Easter Sunday morning the church on Tiree
comes together for a Sunrise Service on the shore
and this morning the weather was ideal, clear and bright.

Looking East towards Scarinish from Baugh – the sun has yet to rise over the horizon

Unusually for Tiree, before driving off for Baugh,
drivers had to scrape the frost from their car’s windscreen.
Yet, without a biting cold wind, it was not too cold on the beach.

To the south the Paps of Jura stand out on the dawn skyline

Our position on the shore gave a clear view of the sinking moon.
The beam from the moon was streaking across Baugh beach.
To the east the sun was turning the sky bright read.

Where we were standing we did not see the sun come over the horizon.
What we did see was the frosty landscape turning bright orange.
It was only later that we saw the sun rising over the houses.
The whole effect was dramatic.

One inquisitive seal

One seal appeared to be most inquisitive.
It was hard to tell whether it was attracted by the singing.
Whether or not it liked the singing it remained around for some time.

Standing on the shore

Talking of singing one song in particular fitted the occasion.
The first line is, “See, what a morning, gloriously bright.”
What a morning it was in every way, gloriously bright.

Looking across the Bay to the Golf Ball on Ben Hynish

And we are raised with Him,
Death is dead, love has won,
Christ has conquered;
And we shall reign with Him,
For He lives:
Christ is risen from the dead.

The crags at Baugh with their face to the rising sun

There on the shore we declared the facts of the Good News.
Christ has died – Christ is risen – Christ will come again.
No wonder we added, “Hallelujah!”
For Jesus is alive!

Dr Buchanan’s Monument lit up by the rising sun

Afterwards we headed up to the Baptist Church premises.
There we enjoy a freshly prepared hearty breakfast.
It was so well thought out, prepared and served.

A hearty breakfast served with loving kindness

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

Sunrise over Baugh